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McKinsey Capability Center (MCC) Atlanta

The McKinsey Capability Center in Atlanta, which opened in late 2011, provides integrated, end-to-end training on the full scope of operations. Topics covered include product development, purchasing, supply chain management, lean manufacturing, resource productivity and service operations.
The 12,000 square foot Atlanta facility contains a variety of work stations, simulating both traditional operating and office environments for a fictional business called "Peachtree Company." The setup includes a continuous-flow production line for bottling water or brewed tea, a discrete-process assembly line for pneumatic cylinders, and a model office that includes an order-processing unit and a call center.

McKinsey has long been committed to sustaining the environment and conserving resources. As such, training on our production lines includes lean and green techniques designed to reduce waste and conserve energy.

Recreating the complexity of cross-functional challenges

MCC Atlanta bottling line A close-up view of the water bottling line used for training in continuous-flow production environments.

By focusing on a single fictional company (Peachtree Company) in our training, we allow participants to see how companies manage full-scale operations, including cross-functional interactions and dependencies.
For instance, we might stage a scenario in which the participant playing the supply chain manager is charged with optimizing the supply chain across inventory, logistics, and production while real-time changes occur. Meanwhile, the participant in the role of the chief purchasing officer would solve problems related to the procurement of tea ingredients for the manufacturing line.

MCC Atlanta discrete line Each training session can include up to 30 participants. We have a full suite of ready-to-use modules.

We can tailor programs to specific learning objectives, such as cost reduction, process efficiency, or improved customer service. Alternatively, we can help solve real-world problems. For instance, our Design-to-Value (DtV) experts helped a consumer packaged-goods food player develop a holistic product teardown process that it could use for its own products and those of competitors.

Lean & Green Factory – reduce waste and conserve energy

MCC Atlanta lean & green factory The Lean & Green Factory uses real manufacturing machinery and industrial control technologies.

The Lean & Green Factory tea line is used for trainings on both lean techniques and resource productivity. The equipment installed at the factory brews tea and has been carefully selected to encompass both continuous processes, like heat exchangers and pumps, and discrete operations, like grinding and separation.
The facility can be used for resource productivity training and to develop skills in lean production operations. Training participants use the facility to identify sources of waste, implement and test improvement ideas, calculate the resulting savings, and sustain those results by building an effective continuous-improvement infrastructure.

Quality integrated operations

MCC Atlanta quality integrated operations Quality integrated operations focuses on the interplay of quality with production.

Operational excellence with a focus on quality and compliance is critical for companies in pharma and other regulated industries, operating in an increasingly challenging market, under strict regulatory oversight. Operational excellence and sustainable performance depend more than ever upon building capabilities in technical execution, management, and the mindset and behaviors of an organization. The Quality Integrated Operations Factory helps clients build these capabilities to improve quality processes and implement zero-defect manufacturing.

Model Office – the impact of lean management in service operations

MCC Atlanta call center Experience typical day-to-day work challenges in our close-to-real-life mini call center environment.

At the MCC Atlanta Model Office, participants will act as frontline employees in the lean transformation of Peachtree's order-processing unit or call center.
In the order-processing center, they will complete common activities such as touring the processing center, handling numerous customer orders under time pressure, and participating in team meetings.
In the call center, participants will complete common activities such as handling customer inquiries, experimenting with routing, designing interactive voice response, or IVR, systems, and monitoring call flows.
As they progress through training, participants will discuss their experiences, jointly solve problems, implement solutions, and create a culture of continuous improvement.